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Are you interested in getting personalized items of your pets? Well you’ve come to the right place

“Rachel Faye Art”

I wanted to give something to those out there who are as passionate about their pets as I am! I wanted to show you an artist, who I personally bought from, and who does outstanding artwork for pets!



Let me introduce, Rachel Faye. She is a current art teacher at a special needs school. She  does incredible work inside and outside of school. Her side job is pretty similar to everyday job; she does art. Though she does take on whatever obstacle her costumers want, she does an outstanding job with pet focused artwork. From ornaments to canvases, Rachel does it all. Shown above is a sample of the photographs Rachel takes and hand paint onto Christmas balls. The going cost of these ornaments are $75. They are shatterproof balls and their paint lasts. I have had mine for seven years now and still just as beautiful as the day I bought it!


Shown above is a another sample of Rachel Faye’s artwork. She painted this lovely painting for a costumer. So not only does Rachel paint for seasonal items, but also items you can use to decorate your house all year long. It is great for personalized and meaningful gifts.



(The Animal Orphanage Voorhees, NJ)

Rachel has and will always have a passion for animals, as many of us do. She volunteers and also paints for some of her favorite Vets and animal orphanages out there and really has a soft spot in her heart for animals. She displays her work from Etsy, Instagram, and her very own website. Shown above is a sample of some painting Rachel Faye did at The Animal Orphanage in Voorhees, NJ.



I personally buy her products every year around Christmas. They make great gifts and even better sentimental value to my Christmas Tree! This picture below is of my beloved rescue, Shadow! Her talent and love for animals are endless!


Permission to use photographs by Rachel Faye Bush



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