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Blackjack Pet Threads: Unique dog accessories such as bowties and ties!

Let me introduce the star of today’s post, Alana McNellis. Alana has been creating dog accessories for quite some time now. She takes pride in her work and does this on the side. She is a huge dog enthusiast and knows her stuff when it comes to making dogs fashionable! She is a teaching assistant bg day, dog accessory creator by night. She named her side business, “Blackjack Pets” after her beloved dog, Blackjack.

She quote, “loves making dog accessories and tweaking ideas until they become functional and fashionable.”


Shown here, is a few samples of Alana McNellis’s ties for dogs! Only $8 each!


Why should I buy these items?

These dog accessories can be great for all sorts of events. I personally have used them when I got a family portrait done. I wanted my dog, Shadow, to stand out in the picture and coordinate with our outfits! It also is great for different holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and/or Thanksgiving! And get this, Alana will custom make exactly what you are looking for! Feel free to send her a message and she will cater to your every wants and needs! A great pet friendly photography location is JC Penneys! For great ideas and suggestions for your family and pet friendly photo shot, check out Scruffy Dog Photography.



Don’t think Alana forgot about the girl dogs! Shown here, is a pretty, girly bandana shows for only $8, as well!



Here is a great example of a custom made bowtie for dogs!



Are there only dog accessories for sale on her site?

Not only does Alana make dog accessories to wear, but she also makes dog toys! I know speaking from personal experience, that I spend a fortune of  different dog toys. They all promise to be indestructible, but our dogs quickly show us how far from the truth that really is! These toys, only $7, really do last what seems like forever! They are handmade with fleece material to help reduce the strings you get from ordinary dog toys. They also are machine washable and can be utilized by dogs any size! Don’t believe me, check out the reviews on her Etsy website and find out from the other buyers.



dog toy.jpg
Dog toys that are handmade for your dog!


What are all the items sold on her website and how much do they cost?

Leashes- $20

Scarves- $10- $15

Bow & Neck ties- $8- $11

Poop Bag Holders- $8

Bandanas- $8

Flowers- $8

Toys- $7

Hair bows- $5

Custom made items- prices will fluctuate depending on item



If you are interesting in purchasing any of Alana McNellis’s dog accessories, you can reach her via Etsy and Instagram.



(Permission by Alana McNellis to use photos in blog)

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