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Lisa Hertz, volunteer blogger of the FACE Foundation WordPress blog, answers a few questions about the organization designed to help provide financial assistance for animals, when their owners need it the most..”

After scrolling page after page in hopes of finding another dog blog that really captured my attention, I began feeling defeated. There are so many people like myself who are passionate dog lovers, that discovering one that really stood out became difficult all until I came across the FACE Foundation Blog. The “FACE Foundation” is a nonprofit organization founded in 2006. They provide grants to animal owners who cannot provide the adequate medical attention to their pets due to various financial reasons. After contacting the organization, I was directed to Lisa Hertz, the volunteer blogger of the FACE Foundation. She is from San Diego, CA and began writing for FACE about three years ago. She claims she is old enough to be my mother :). Here is her story from the interview I did with her via email.

Lisa Hertz began writing the FACE blog about 3 years ago.  It was her first pet blogging experience, even though she has been a writer, animal lover, and had other animal-related writing experience. FACE started the blog to spread the word about the charity work that they do and to engage an interested audience.  They value it along with their social media like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Lisa Hertz finds in most challenging to “maintain” the blog. She this blog requires a lot of time and attention beyond just writing the posts. Lisa worked hard at developing and maintaining a growing network of fellow animal bloggers.  There’s a fantastic community of animal and pet bloggers out there and it’s important to keep up with them, and interact with them, pretty much daily. She believes blogs are important for individual writers to maintain an online presence beyond Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In.  Having her own personal blog page as a journalist is just as important as it is for an established news organization to have a blog where the writing is more informal and interactive.

Lisa says she has been very pleased at the level of interest people from all over the world have shown in the blog and in FACE.  She has friendships with bloggers from all over the U.S., Europe, the U.K. and Australia.  She loves the fact that blogging is so interactive, and you’re not just sitting at home writing, your part of a community of like-minded people! The advice she would give bloggers just starting out is while the non-profit blog is different than a beat blog, she’d say that the most important thing to keep in mind is that it will probably take up more of your time than you think it will. Lisa says, “be prepared to work on the blog as part of your everyday routine.  Even if you only post a couple of times per week, it’s vital to respond to followers and spend time following and interacting with similar blogs.  Maintaining relationships is every bit as important as posting good content.”

FACE Foundation can be reached via website, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, & Linked In

(Photo taken from FACE foundation with permission granted)


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