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Chris and Dora Sauer, of “Don’t Bully Us Rescue,” shares their personal experience with fostering dogs

“Don’t Bully Us Rescue,” located out of Wenonah, NJ, provides hundreds of dogs another opportunity at finding their forever homes by placing the in different foster homes to help work on obedience, training, and just getting accustomed to being a pet. I conducted an interview with a family located in Marlton, NJ, who have been fostering dogs for a little over two years now. They have fostered close to twenty dogs and gives their insight of fostering through this interview I conducted! Listen and hear all about fostering, personal experiences, and more!

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Dogfighting is wrong: Learn how you can get involved in the “fight” against “dogfighting!” and you’ll have the dogs “jumping” for joy!

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Most of the time, we hear these awful stories on television or through word of mouth about dogfighting. And most of us, the sane ones of course, know that is a dreadful and awful event that takes place. But, did you know there are ways to get involved and stop dogfighting? Here is how:


Take a look at a more recent, well known dogfighting event:



  1. One of the most important and easiest way to get involved is to familiarize yourself with the issue. Learn about what dogfighting entails, warning signs, and what to do if you actually witness it or know someone who partakes in it.
  2. Help raise awareness of “The Human Society of the Unites States” $5,000 reward. It is a reward up to $5,000 for people who give information on severe animal cases such as dog fighting and puppy mills.
  3. Urge local radio stations to run advertisements that emphasizes this $5,000 reward. for anyone who knows information on dogfighting.
  4. Fundraising: on your own or with your family! Great way to get community involved! (Car wash, bake sales, exc.)
  5. Promote it on social media!
  6. Use people you know: Does anyone you know own businesses? Have them donate some of their proceeds towards Animal Cruelty Response and Reward Fund.
  7. Order “Life on the Chain, Death in the Ring,” and share it with friends, families, and anyone you feel would benefit from it.
  8. Make a donation to Animal Cruelty Response and Reward Fund.
  9. Clear up the “myths” about pit bulls and teach people the facts.


The key to all things that are successful, is time, patience, and awareness. Be the voice of the animals and get more people involved and made aware of what really goes into dogfighting.

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Rachel Snyder, volunteer of the “Don’t Bully Us Rescue,” shares personal experiences and behind the scenes that you may not know about being a volunteer!

(The featured image is of Rachel Snyder, volunteer of Don’t Bully Us Rescue)

Fall in love with that beautiful pup in the picture? Listen to the interview to hear her story!


Ever walk into PetSmart to do a little shopping for you’re beloved pet? Ever do it and see a slobbery smile waiting to greet you as you walk into the store? If you haven’t, you’re missing out! PetSmart’s all around offer the chance for rescues to come to their stores in hopes that some lucky dog/cat will find their “forever” home!

Yeah, yeah I’m sure we have all seen these furry friends, but have  you ever wondered about the volunteers there; the ones who take the time out of their busy weekends to be apart of such a wonderful adoption event? If you have, look no further. I have an interview with one of these volunteers from the “Don’t Bully Us Rescue.” Listen in to get an up close and personal interview with Rachel Synder, volunteer of0″ Don’t Bully Us Rescue”, to hear personal experiences, what goes into being a volunteer, and how to learn more about becoming a possible volunteer! If you are interested, they can contacted via Facebook or Instagram. Here are some tips you should know before you commit to volunteer for an animal rescue.