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Farewell All!

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Time sure does fly when you’re having fun and unfortunately, so does my blog. Sad to say, but my blog will be coming to an end. I have learned so much creating blogs via audio, videos, and pictures. I have gained so much experience in the technology aspect of this blog alone. I have learned how to reach people using different variables than just writing. I have met wonderful, inspirational people through conducting interviews. I have especially learned how to loosen up a bit and feeling more confident when it comes to audio and video, especially.

One of the most important qualities that I can take away from creating this blog, is the comfort aspect. This is something that I always tend to struggle with, regardless of what it is I am doing. I am in school to become a teacher and part of that responsibility is to be comfortable with yourself. Some may ask why that is and I believe if you are comfortable with yourself, than you can pass that on to your students. You can show them it is okay to go outside of your comfort zone and take a risk. This is something I did often throughout this semester. I was videoing and recording in places and with people I would never think of. I was learning  it is okay to go that extra mile to create something great! I hope you all have enjoyed my posts!


I have listed a few of my all time favorite posts and would love if you were able to check them out and enjoy them as much as I did.


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  3. Photo Gallery taken at the Moorestown PetSmart Adoption Event, by Don’t Bully Us Pit Bull Rescue!
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  5. Dog owner, Douglas Derieux, tells a tragic story of how his best dog buddy, Rusty, was given a second chance to find happiness


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Dog owner, Douglas Derieux, tells a tragic story of how his best dog buddy, Rusty, was given a second chance to find happiness

(All photos taken by myself, Ryan Ford)


What dog blog would be complete, without a heart wrenching story of a puppy who was left on his own to fend for himself? This story, told by Douglas Derieux, tells just that! But don’t worry! The puppy Rusty, finds his happily ever after.

It all begun on one brisk November morning. Douglas’s girlfriend, Rachel Snyder, was walking her dog, Buck, down the road for his normal morning stroll before leaving for work. Except this morning, the walk was interrupted by a yelping sound. Rachel could see an image far away that appeared to be a stray puppy. She sped up quickly and tied Buck up to get a better look at what was making these cries of desperation. Low and behold, it was in fact a puppy. Cold, malnourished, and all alone, left to fend for himself.

Rachel raced back to her house to return Buck after the puppy was startled and ran underneath a shed. She took a bag of treats to help lure the puppy out. Meanwhile, it was 7:00 a.m. and Rachel was soon to be late for work. She called her work and let them to know she would be arriving late that day. After fifty minutes or more of no success with the treats she told Douglas she had a brilliant idea. Rachel said, “What if I whine like a puppy?” As crazy as this sounded, it worked! The puppy came out. Douglas quoted, “When Rachel told me her thinking, first I thought that it was the craziest, weirdest thing I have ever heard in my life, and second, great thinking!”

Rachel quickly scooped him up into her arms. The yelping intensified. She felt how cold the puppy’s body was so she put him in her jacket. Instantaneously, the crying stopped.  She rushed over to the vet, without an appointment even made, and pleaded that her vet check this puppy that she found in the woods. The vet was very understanding and agreed to do so without an appointment. Rachel had to still get back to work, so the vet kept Rusty there until she returned.

Rachel, still at this point, had no idea what she was going to do with this puppy. That is when she called her boy friend, Douglas. Crazy enough, her boy friend has always wanted a beagle and was more than happy to take and care for the puppy. Rachel retuned to the vet to get the puppy and of course pay the astronomical bill. Douglas quotes, “the hundreds of dollars we spent that day to treat Rusty, was worth every penny.” The vet told them that the puppy was about six weeks old and had ring worm, round worm, and was very dehydrated.

Six months later, the puppy now named Rusty, is doing great! He was given a second chance in life.  Time after time, we hear these awful stories of animals being dumped and left on their own without a care in the world. Thankfully, we still have people like Rachel Snyder and Douglas Derieux who changed the fate of a puppy who may have otherwise, not been so fortunate.


There are sites dedicated to helping people find lost dogs if you ever come across one that may need help. You may be able to save a family a lot of heartbreak.

Check out this interview I did with Douglas Derieux to hear his version of the story of how this stray became his best buddy!


This photo shows the dog, Rusty, that was saved from the woods and found himself his forever home with his brother, Buck, at the park getting ready to go on the boat.
Rusty enjoying his time fishing with his human dad, Douglas Derieux. Rusty is soaking up the sun and living the doggie dream.
Can’t forget about his new brother, Buck, who welcomed him into the family with tails wagging! Buck is showing Rusty the ropes here (best way to soak up the sun).
Rusty and Buck enjoying themselves at one of their favorite places they go with their dad, Douglas Derieux, to.
Rusty, exhausted, after a long day at the park and on the boat. He is very glad he has found a nice warm lap to sleep on.