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Farewell All!

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Time sure does fly when you’re having fun and unfortunately, so does my blog. Sad to say, but my blog will be coming to an end. I have learned so much creating blogs via audio, videos, and pictures. I have gained so much experience in the technology aspect of this blog alone. I have learned how to reach people using different variables than just writing. I have met wonderful, inspirational people through conducting interviews. I have especially learned how to loosen up a bit and feeling more confident when it comes to audio and video, especially.

One of the most important qualities that I can take away from creating this blog, is the comfort aspect. This is something that I always tend to struggle with, regardless of what it is I am doing. I am in school to become a teacher and part of that responsibility is to be comfortable with yourself. Some may ask why that is and I believe if you are comfortable with yourself, than you can pass that on to your students. You can show them it is okay to go outside of your comfort zone and take a risk. This is something I did often throughout this semester. I was videoing and recording in places and with people I would never think of. I was learning  it is okay to go that extra mile to create something great! I hope you all have enjoyed my posts!


I have listed a few of my all time favorite posts and would love if you were able to check them out and enjoy them as much as I did.


  1. Rescues are my favorite breed: Quick tips on how to rescue your perfect rescue!
  2. Behind the scenes: Q & A with volunteer from Newark Humane Society
  3. Photo Gallery taken at the Moorestown PetSmart Adoption Event, by Don’t Bully Us Pit Bull Rescue!
  4. Dogfighting is wrong: Learn how you can get involved in the “fight” against “dogfighting!” and you’ll have the dogs “jumping” for joy!
  5. Dog owner, Douglas Derieux, tells a tragic story of how his best dog buddy, Rusty, was given a second chance to find happiness



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