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Farewell All!

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Time sure does fly when you’re having fun and unfortunately, so does my blog. Sad to say, but my blog will be coming to an end. I have learned so much creating blogs via audio, videos, and pictures. I have gained so much experience in the technology aspect of this blog alone. I have learned how to reach people using different variables than just writing. I have met wonderful, inspirational people through conducting interviews. I have especially learned how to loosen up a bit and feeling more confident when it comes to audio and video, especially.

One of the most important qualities that I can take away from creating this blog, is the comfort aspect. This is something that I always tend to struggle with, regardless of what it is I am doing. I am in school to become a teacher and part of that responsibility is to be comfortable with yourself. Some may ask why that is and I believe if you are comfortable with yourself, than you can pass that on to your students. You can show them it is okay to go outside of your comfort zone and take a risk. This is something I did often throughout this semester. I was videoing and recording in places and with people I would never think of. I was learning  it is okay to go that extra mile to create something great! I hope you all have enjoyed my posts!


I have listed a few of my all time favorite posts and would love if you were able to check them out and enjoy them as much as I did.


  1. Rescues are my favorite breed: Quick tips on how to rescue your perfect rescue!
  2. Behind the scenes: Q & A with volunteer from Newark Humane Society
  3. Photo Gallery taken at the Moorestown PetSmart Adoption Event, by Don’t Bully Us Pit Bull Rescue!
  4. Dogfighting is wrong: Learn how you can get involved in the “fight” against “dogfighting!” and you’ll have the dogs “jumping” for joy!
  5. Dog owner, Douglas Derieux, tells a tragic story of how his best dog buddy, Rusty, was given a second chance to find happiness


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Dog owner, Douglas Derieux, tells a tragic story of how his best dog buddy, Rusty, was given a second chance to find happiness

(All photos taken by myself, Ryan Ford)


What dog blog would be complete, without a heart wrenching story of a puppy who was left on his own to fend for himself? This story, told by Douglas Derieux, tells just that! But don’t worry! The puppy Rusty, finds his happily ever after.

It all begun on one brisk November morning. Douglas’s girlfriend, Rachel Snyder, was walking her dog, Buck, down the road for his normal morning stroll before leaving for work. Except this morning, the walk was interrupted by a yelping sound. Rachel could see an image far away that appeared to be a stray puppy. She sped up quickly and tied Buck up to get a better look at what was making these cries of desperation. Low and behold, it was in fact a puppy. Cold, malnourished, and all alone, left to fend for himself.

Rachel raced back to her house to return Buck after the puppy was startled and ran underneath a shed. She took a bag of treats to help lure the puppy out. Meanwhile, it was 7:00 a.m. and Rachel was soon to be late for work. She called her work and let them to know she would be arriving late that day. After fifty minutes or more of no success with the treats she told Douglas she had a brilliant idea. Rachel said, “What if I whine like a puppy?” As crazy as this sounded, it worked! The puppy came out. Douglas quoted, “When Rachel told me her thinking, first I thought that it was the craziest, weirdest thing I have ever heard in my life, and second, great thinking!”

Rachel quickly scooped him up into her arms. The yelping intensified. She felt how cold the puppy’s body was so she put him in her jacket. Instantaneously, the crying stopped.  She rushed over to the vet, without an appointment even made, and pleaded that her vet check this puppy that she found in the woods. The vet was very understanding and agreed to do so without an appointment. Rachel had to still get back to work, so the vet kept Rusty there until she returned.

Rachel, still at this point, had no idea what she was going to do with this puppy. That is when she called her boy friend, Douglas. Crazy enough, her boy friend has always wanted a beagle and was more than happy to take and care for the puppy. Rachel retuned to the vet to get the puppy and of course pay the astronomical bill. Douglas quotes, “the hundreds of dollars we spent that day to treat Rusty, was worth every penny.” The vet told them that the puppy was about six weeks old and had ring worm, round worm, and was very dehydrated.

Six months later, the puppy now named Rusty, is doing great! He was given a second chance in life.  Time after time, we hear these awful stories of animals being dumped and left on their own without a care in the world. Thankfully, we still have people like Rachel Snyder and Douglas Derieux who changed the fate of a puppy who may have otherwise, not been so fortunate.


There are sites dedicated to helping people find lost dogs if you ever come across one that may need help. You may be able to save a family a lot of heartbreak.

Check out this interview I did with Douglas Derieux to hear his version of the story of how this stray became his best buddy!


This photo shows the dog, Rusty, that was saved from the woods and found himself his forever home with his brother, Buck, at the park getting ready to go on the boat.
Rusty enjoying his time fishing with his human dad, Douglas Derieux. Rusty is soaking up the sun and living the doggie dream.
Can’t forget about his new brother, Buck, who welcomed him into the family with tails wagging! Buck is showing Rusty the ropes here (best way to soak up the sun).
Rusty and Buck enjoying themselves at one of their favorite places they go with their dad, Douglas Derieux, to.
Rusty, exhausted, after a long day at the park and on the boat. He is very glad he has found a nice warm lap to sleep on.


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Chris and Dora Sauer, of “Don’t Bully Us Rescue,” shares their personal experience with fostering dogs

“Don’t Bully Us Rescue,” located out of Wenonah, NJ, provides hundreds of dogs another opportunity at finding their forever homes by placing the in different foster homes to help work on obedience, training, and just getting accustomed to being a pet. I conducted an interview with a family located in Marlton, NJ, who have been fostering dogs for a little over two years now. They have fostered close to twenty dogs and gives their insight of fostering through this interview I conducted! Listen and hear all about fostering, personal experiences, and more!

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Dogfighting is wrong: Learn how you can get involved in the “fight” against “dogfighting!” and you’ll have the dogs “jumping” for joy!

(Featured image permission from


Most of the time, we hear these awful stories on television or through word of mouth about dogfighting. And most of us, the sane ones of course, know that is a dreadful and awful event that takes place. But, did you know there are ways to get involved and stop dogfighting? Here is how:


Take a look at a more recent, well known dogfighting event:



  1. One of the most important and easiest way to get involved is to familiarize yourself with the issue. Learn about what dogfighting entails, warning signs, and what to do if you actually witness it or know someone who partakes in it.
  2. Help raise awareness of “The Human Society of the Unites States” $5,000 reward. It is a reward up to $5,000 for people who give information on severe animal cases such as dog fighting and puppy mills.
  3. Urge local radio stations to run advertisements that emphasizes this $5,000 reward. for anyone who knows information on dogfighting.
  4. Fundraising: on your own or with your family! Great way to get community involved! (Car wash, bake sales, exc.)
  5. Promote it on social media!
  6. Use people you know: Does anyone you know own businesses? Have them donate some of their proceeds towards Animal Cruelty Response and Reward Fund.
  7. Order “Life on the Chain, Death in the Ring,” and share it with friends, families, and anyone you feel would benefit from it.
  8. Make a donation to Animal Cruelty Response and Reward Fund.
  9. Clear up the “myths” about pit bulls and teach people the facts.


The key to all things that are successful, is time, patience, and awareness. Be the voice of the animals and get more people involved and made aware of what really goes into dogfighting.

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Rachel Snyder, volunteer of the “Don’t Bully Us Rescue,” shares personal experiences and behind the scenes that you may not know about being a volunteer!

(The featured image is of Rachel Snyder, volunteer of Don’t Bully Us Rescue)

Fall in love with that beautiful pup in the picture? Listen to the interview to hear her story!


Ever walk into PetSmart to do a little shopping for you’re beloved pet? Ever do it and see a slobbery smile waiting to greet you as you walk into the store? If you haven’t, you’re missing out! PetSmart’s all around offer the chance for rescues to come to their stores in hopes that some lucky dog/cat will find their “forever” home!

Yeah, yeah I’m sure we have all seen these furry friends, but have  you ever wondered about the volunteers there; the ones who take the time out of their busy weekends to be apart of such a wonderful adoption event? If you have, look no further. I have an interview with one of these volunteers from the “Don’t Bully Us Rescue.” Listen in to get an up close and personal interview with Rachel Synder, volunteer of0″ Don’t Bully Us Rescue”, to hear personal experiences, what goes into being a volunteer, and how to learn more about becoming a possible volunteer! If you are interested, they can contacted via Facebook or Instagram. Here are some tips you should know before you commit to volunteer for an animal rescue.


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Lisa Hertz, volunteer blogger of the FACE Foundation WordPress blog, answers a few questions about the organization designed to help provide financial assistance for animals, when their owners need it the most..”

After scrolling page after page in hopes of finding another dog blog that really captured my attention, I began feeling defeated. There are so many people like myself who are passionate dog lovers, that discovering one that really stood out became difficult all until I came across the FACE Foundation Blog. The “FACE Foundation” is a nonprofit organization founded in 2006. They provide grants to animal owners who cannot provide the adequate medical attention to their pets due to various financial reasons. After contacting the organization, I was directed to Lisa Hertz, the volunteer blogger of the FACE Foundation. She is from San Diego, CA and began writing for FACE about three years ago. She claims she is old enough to be my mother :). Here is her story from the interview I did with her via email.

Lisa Hertz began writing the FACE blog about 3 years ago.  It was her first pet blogging experience, even though she has been a writer, animal lover, and had other animal-related writing experience. FACE started the blog to spread the word about the charity work that they do and to engage an interested audience.  They value it along with their social media like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Lisa Hertz finds in most challenging to “maintain” the blog. She this blog requires a lot of time and attention beyond just writing the posts. Lisa worked hard at developing and maintaining a growing network of fellow animal bloggers.  There’s a fantastic community of animal and pet bloggers out there and it’s important to keep up with them, and interact with them, pretty much daily. She believes blogs are important for individual writers to maintain an online presence beyond Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In.  Having her own personal blog page as a journalist is just as important as it is for an established news organization to have a blog where the writing is more informal and interactive.

Lisa says she has been very pleased at the level of interest people from all over the world have shown in the blog and in FACE.  She has friendships with bloggers from all over the U.S., Europe, the U.K. and Australia.  She loves the fact that blogging is so interactive, and you’re not just sitting at home writing, your part of a community of like-minded people! The advice she would give bloggers just starting out is while the non-profit blog is different than a beat blog, she’d say that the most important thing to keep in mind is that it will probably take up more of your time than you think it will. Lisa says, “be prepared to work on the blog as part of your everyday routine.  Even if you only post a couple of times per week, it’s vital to respond to followers and spend time following and interacting with similar blogs.  Maintaining relationships is every bit as important as posting good content.”

FACE Foundation can be reached via website, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, & Linked In

(Photo taken from FACE foundation with permission granted)

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Photo Gallery taken at the Moorestown PetSmart Adoption Event, by Don’t Bully Us Pit Bull Rescue!

Welcome to the Moorestown PetSmart!


I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with some of the goofiest, sweetest Don’t Bully Us Rescue dogs! They had an adoption event at the Moorestown PetSmart on Saturday, March 4, 2017. Don’t Bully Us Rescue is a non- profit Pit Bull Rescue. The dogs are all placed in foster homes in the South Jersey area. They host different events to help get their dogs adopted into loving, safe homes. If you are interested, they can contacted via Facebook or Instagram.


“I could be doing a million other things on a Saturday, but I rather be here, hoping they get their much deserved forever home.”

This was the response from one of the volunteers of the Don’t Bully Us Rescue,  Rachel Snyder, after I asked her what makes her get out of bed on a Saturday morning to come to a volunteer event like this. It is truly amazing that people take time out of their hectic lives to come to events such as these, just in hopes, that these dogs will get another chance at a home.



This photo shows the location of the Don’t Bully Us Rescue Adoption Event that was held Saturday, March 4, 2017 at the Moorestown PetSmart. This photo displays one of the different locations where Don’t Bully US Rescue holds their events in hopes to find their dogs their Fur-Ever Homes and makes all of adoptions possible for these dogs!      (Photo/ Ryan Ford)



What is better than a pen full of puppies at the Moorestown PetSmart, Don’t Bully Us Rescue event?


This photo shows one of the puppies, Ozzie who was “found cut open on his back at 3 weeks old where he still has scars,” says one of the volunteers of Don’t Bully Us Rescue, Rachel Snyder. I was later told that his brother was less fortunate and ended up not making it. I choose this photo because rather than show you the scar, I rather show you his soft, pink belly to remember him by! (Photo/ Ryan Ford)




This photo shows one of the volunteers of the Don’t Bully Us Rescue, Rachel Snyder, all smiles at the adoption event at the Moorestown PetSmart. The cute and sleep puppy shown here, is Besa, one of the puppies up for adoption.




This photo shows the inside of the Moorestown PetSmart on March 4, 2017 Don’t Bully Us Rescue Adoption Event. While I could take endless photos of the dogs at the event, without the help of PetSmart, 7,338,656 lives wouldn’t have been saved; we owe it to them and the volunteers who make these adoptions possible!  (Photo/ Ryan Ford)




This photo is a picture of a sign located in the Moorestown PetSmart on March 4, 2017. This photo is so important because rather than sell animals, which they could rightfully be doing, they are putting animals up for adoption and saving an animal’s lives, one day at a time. (Photo/ Ryan  Ford)



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Blackjack Pet Threads: Unique dog accessories such as bowties and ties!

Let me introduce the star of today’s post, Alana McNellis. Alana has been creating dog accessories for quite some time now. She takes pride in her work and does this on the side. She is a huge dog enthusiast and knows her stuff when it comes to making dogs fashionable! She is a teaching assistant bg day, dog accessory creator by night. She named her side business, “Blackjack Pets” after her beloved dog, Blackjack.

She quote, “loves making dog accessories and tweaking ideas until they become functional and fashionable.”


Shown here, is a few samples of Alana McNellis’s ties for dogs! Only $8 each!


Why should I buy these items?

These dog accessories can be great for all sorts of events. I personally have used them when I got a family portrait done. I wanted my dog, Shadow, to stand out in the picture and coordinate with our outfits! It also is great for different holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and/or Thanksgiving! And get this, Alana will custom make exactly what you are looking for! Feel free to send her a message and she will cater to your every wants and needs! A great pet friendly photography location is JC Penneys! For great ideas and suggestions for your family and pet friendly photo shot, check out Scruffy Dog Photography.



Don’t think Alana forgot about the girl dogs! Shown here, is a pretty, girly bandana shows for only $8, as well!



Here is a great example of a custom made bowtie for dogs!



Are there only dog accessories for sale on her site?

Not only does Alana make dog accessories to wear, but she also makes dog toys! I know speaking from personal experience, that I spend a fortune of  different dog toys. They all promise to be indestructible, but our dogs quickly show us how far from the truth that really is! These toys, only $7, really do last what seems like forever! They are handmade with fleece material to help reduce the strings you get from ordinary dog toys. They also are machine washable and can be utilized by dogs any size! Don’t believe me, check out the reviews on her Etsy website and find out from the other buyers.



dog toy.jpg
Dog toys that are handmade for your dog!


What are all the items sold on her website and how much do they cost?

Leashes- $20

Scarves- $10- $15

Bow & Neck ties- $8- $11

Poop Bag Holders- $8

Bandanas- $8

Flowers- $8

Toys- $7

Hair bows- $5

Custom made items- prices will fluctuate depending on item



If you are interesting in purchasing any of Alana McNellis’s dog accessories, you can reach her via Etsy and Instagram.



(Permission by Alana McNellis to use photos in blog)

(Header image from

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Behind the scenes: Q & A with volunteer from Newark Humane Society

(Featured image above is of Sherri Powell and my rescue, Shadow, at an adoption event moments before we took him home :))

Are you passionate about animals? Do you have the strong hopes that one day the thousands of animals in shelters will find their forever homes? If you do, you will find yourself in the same boat as one of the most dedicated, kind, and animal craze person I have been fortunate enough to meet, Sherri Powell.


Talking from personal experience, I have had the honor of rescuing the most sweetest, most gentle dog I could ask for, Shadow. I was searching for months and months in hopes that I would find the “perfect” addition to our family. Without the help of Sherri Powell, I am unsure if this would have been possible. She is a volunteer at the Newark Humane Society. Please check out the interview I did with her via email! You don’t want to miss it!


When did you begin volunteering? 

January 2014


What made you want to volunteer?

I ran into an Animal lover like myself while at PetSmart shopping for cat and dog food…and she suggested I help volunteer with her at the JAC in So. Orange (they closed shortly after, which is why I started volunteering at the Newark shelter)


How long have you been volunteering for?

3 years (I’m fairly new, and have accomplished quite a bit. I now run Adoption Events and Pack Hikes on the weekends).


How many hours a week do you put in volunteering?

Many, but that’s because I have extended myself through social media…so many people contact me about animals via texts and private messages. (But actual shelter time hours are, 15 to 20 hours per week)


What gets you out of bed in the morning?

(How do you get out of bed on your days off to do this?) The perpetual drive of trying to get animals (both dogs and cats) out of the shelter! It’s easy to get out of bed when you know if you are helping get animals adopted, you have saved their lives!!!


How would your friends describe you?

They often have very kind words! I don’t & never will view myself as “heroic” or “angelic”…. I only do what comes natural to me! I LOVE animals, I love being around them, & I love when I and ALL the other volunteers can save them!!


How many animals have you adopted because of volunteering?

I have only technically adopted 2, but I have many in my house that I have taken off the streets. I battle with my husband because I want to save them all, but he is the realistic one that has to keep me in check, because if he wasn’t there to tell me no – I would have more then what I can handle.


How many animals do you have?

I have 2 dogs and 10 cats and I take care of my 5 feral cats that live outside.


Tell me a story about one of your most difficult adoptions or moments while volunteering.

There are SO MANY difficult times, ESPECIALLY when the Senior animals get dropped off by their family and thrown into a noisy, overcrowded kill shelter! To watch these animals curl up in a fetal position and shake themselves so bad that it looks like they are seizing and to watch them literally cry tears, is one of the hardest things ever for me to witness!!! But the MOST DIFFICULT time I’ve had to deal with and still haunts me until this day – and never leaves my mind, not for a minute or second of any day, is the day after Thanksgiving (Nov. 25, 2016) when I went to bring my boy Ike leftovers from TG dinner (I am a Vegetarian and I was bringing him all the meat I don’t eat and other table scraps) and the evaluators brought me outside across from the shelter and told me the shelter had euthanized my boy Ike! I cried for two hours straight while there, then at home and now as I’m typing this.

He was the BEST dog EVER! HE was EXTREMELY HIGHLY ADOPTABLE, HE HAD NO ISSUES what so ever!!! When I asked why, they said he was there too long and had no interest…..which was not true – there were other dogs there longer and my boy Ike did get an application at one of my adoption events. When I brought this to admin’s attention…it fell on Deaf ears.

But I call Ike my Martyr – because of his death and my pain, my co-adoption event coordinators had a meeting with the director and they are now trying to work with us and not euthanize event dogs and cats. (but unfortunately nothing is ever a guarantee there and each and every time I step foot through those shelter doors, I have to take a deep breath and hope and pray my precious babies are still there for me to try and help save them!!!!!)


Final question, how do you select the dogs you take to the adoption events?

If I feel they will make a good family member, I bring them on my adoption events. The dogs I Bring on my hikes are also dogs that can be good family members but they are usually dogs that are not appropriate for adoption events because the majority of the time they do not get along with other dogs. Now, this doesn’t go for all of them but it goes for a good portion of them… Even for my adoption events I have many times brought dogs that don’t get along with other dogs but they have such unique stand out personalities and really show true love for a human and that is why I will select them for an adoption event.



If you are interested in helping and volunteering for the AHS, please get all the information here!

If you are interested in attending an adoption event, please visit the PetSmart in Kearny, NJ and talk to Sherri Powell! She is also be reached via social media.


A very special thanks goes out to all of you volunteers who spend hours upon hours for free just to see these animals get another chance at a future home. Sherri Powell, I will forever be thankful for everything you do and have done for me, personally. You are truly a special person and WE all thank you!